About This Site

     My father-in-law died in the Dominican Republic, and my local New Hampshire, U.S.A. newspaper would not run an obituary because they could not contact a funeral home to confirm the death. This alerted me to a need, which I could fill: A website dedicated to obituaries, from funeral homes and the public alike.

     I have done a considerable amount of genealogy research on my own lines, so I know how valuable an obituary can be. I also know that some persons object to the placement of advertizing on a memorial.

     I figure that the potential market is large, and unlike a cemetery with a limited amount of land to sell, I can keep adding more and more obituaries. Yes, it is definitely a business, and an obituary you submit will attract visitors to my website as long as the site remains active.

     As for gravestone photos, you may copy one onto another website to document your genealogy, but any other use requires permission.

     This website is owned and operated by:

     Tom Alciere
     67 Technology Way
     Nashua NH 03060
     United States of America