Editorial practices

     Obituaries must be in good taste and suitable for a family-friendly website.
     Obituaries must be in either English or Spanish.
     Diacritical marks, especially in names such as Gonçalves, López and Núñez are acceptable.
     Timely obituaries may include funeral information.
     Obituaries in English may be in American Standard Written English, or employ dialectical variants such as British or Canadian orthography.
     Times of day must include a.m.; or p.m. in lower case and with periods; except if 24-hour style is used and is not confusable. Obituaries may state that the deceased worked the shift from 23:00 to 07:00 as this is clearly employing 24-hour style. If it states that the deceased worked the shift from 03:00 to 11:00 then the a.m. or p.m. must be included.
     References to same-sex so-called marriages are allowed, and must include the designation so-called or use quotation marks, to distinguish them from real marriages between persons of opposite sexes. Examples of acceptable language include, but are not limited to, He is survived by his so-called husband, and He is survived by his “husband,”. This applies to relationships such as uncle, mother-in-law and step-father which result from a same-sex so-called marriage, and fiancé or fiancée referring to a planned same-sex so-called marriage.
     Social Security numbers and driver license numbers may not be included, but a FamilySearch ID may be included to clarify which person has died, or who another person mentioned is.
     Dates must include the month spelt out in full. Dates expressed as numbers, such as 1/12/16 are not allowed because they do not clarify whether it is January 12 or 1 December; and it is not clear whether the birth happened in 1916 or 2016.
     Where applicable, names of cities must include the political subdivision, such as State or province. Houston could be Missouri or Texas. Boston could be England, Georgia or Massachusetts. Vatican City stands alone.
     Republic of Georgia must be used to distinguish that country from the State of Georgia, in the United States of America. States must be spelt out in full because abbreviations come and go, and the obituary should be permanent. WA stands for Washington and Western Australia, and is not acceptable. Washington, D.C. is acceptable.
     Localities may include the county or Louisiana parish. Where a city has the same name as a county, the use of (city) is acceptable such as She was born in Baltimore (city), Maryland.
     This page is intended as a general guide and not a complete, comprehensive set of rules.